Da ist sie nun:
Nach 6 Jahren haben Frank und ich wieder ein neues Album veröffentlicht: a certain frank “nowhere”.
Hier kann man in alle Stücke reinhören und auch als MP3 erwerben:

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Ich hoffe das Album macht Euch Spass. Wer es lieber als CD kaufen möchte, kann dies natürlich auch direkt bei atatak.

Really looking forward to the new CD !!
I`ve been a big fan of Pyrolator since the 1980`s
and try to collect as much of his music as I can.
As to `A Certain Frank`; at the time it was originally released,I was really overwhelmed by the `Nothing` CD. I must have played it a thousand times,and every time I opened a bottle of claret(red wine)I immediately felt the urge listen to it again.Now,My copy is completely worn out, since, due to my rather wino behaviour I`ve stepped on the case box a few times, thus ruining the cover completely.
IMO:One of the great records of the last decade!!
Q:Is there anyone out there, who knows where I can find a (complete) Pyrolator Discography ?
By the way;I got the complete `Sun Dial` live recording on tape. ( it was broadcasted at the time (from some 10 years ago(?)) on dutch radio- some 4 hours live Pyro and friends !.)
best wishes; Peter van Doorm/Niederlande

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